Feministry Celebrant Training

You were born for this!

Our courses offer a key to unlocking your own unique ability to create and hold deeply meaningful, significant and memorable ceremonies for the communities you’ve been called to serve.

Ceremonies for Early Life

Unlike most trainings, this module is not just about planning the happy occasion of a Baby Welcoming. We acknowledge the truth of the pregnancy and birth experience, and we let this truth be our guide as we plan for the specific ceremony ahead of us, with the specific people involved. 

Living and Loving

Ceremonies of Marriage, Transitions and Threshold Moments:

In this module we will cover the various ceremonies of adult life- the major focus being Marriage Ceremonies, but also; Coming of Age, Vow Renewals, Name Change Ceremonies, Menopause/Croning, pre/post Surgery, and any and all transitions and thresholds of life.  

Funerals and End of Life

Every individual deserves a final tribute which not only reflects their own unique personality and approach to life, but that also honours and celebrates the unique gifts they brought to the world, and the legacy they leave behind. Learn to create and carry out a beautifully unique funeral ceremony, which reflects the character, personality and beliefs of the deceased. 

Setting up as a Professional Celebrant

Online Presence: Website, Social Media & Marketing

Finding and Engaging with Clients and Venues

Streamlining your Systems and Payments

Leveraging Media and PR Opportunities

The Art of Ritual and Ceremony

Intention, Structure, Participants

Holding and Healing through Groupwork/Ceremony

Reading the Space, and Responding 

Inspirational Speeches & Use of Ceremonial Language

Ceremonies without Scripts: Developing your Own Language & Structure

Guided Meditations & Visualisations

Deep Listening and Co-Counselling Skills

Explore the themes of boundaries, Consent and Scope of Practice. 

Emotional Release Through Ceremony: Depression and Suffering, Anger and Rage, Joy and Celebration, Sadness and Grief.

Exploring Emotional Edges

Deep Listening in Ceremonial Work

Confidentiality, Safety and Disclosure

Supervision and Self-Care

If you’re ready to explore any of these modules in more depth, please get in touch.